Is there a minimum order value / quantity?
No there isn’t, no order is too small or too large.
How long will it take for you to finish my garments?
It takes 5 WORKING DAYS on average depending on the design. If you just have some text along the front then this can been done in around 2 working days. If you want something done faster then please call us and we will see what we can do for you.
What would you recommend as care instructions for my garments with transfers?
Ideally you need to wash your garments on a 40 degree wash, iron inside out and DO NOT tumble dry. The print on these garments is applied at a high temperature, but when reheated to 60 degrees or more, it can crack or peel off. If you follow these instructions you will not have a problem with the print at all, this will not crack, fade, or peel.
How can I send you my Images?
Email is the preferred method to sales@blubananagraphics.co.uk. We can accept JPEG, PNG and PDF files, others by arrangement. 300dpi / 1000px X 1000px is ideal for non vector files, but please try to keep e-mailed image files under 8MB.

Generally, the higher the resolution or dpi of the image the better the results will be.

If you are unable to provide the required image, please contact us for advice, or alternatively we operate our own design service that may be used if necessary.

I don't have any ideas for my logo, what can I do?
Please give us a call on 0115 837 5520 or contact us using our contact form. We have hundreds of stock images which may help you, or we may be able to design or adapt an image based on your ideas.
Can I make changes to my designs and how much extra will it cost?
Our design services gives you the initial design plus two minor changes for FREE. Any changes made after this may incur an additional charge.
Can I use Disney, Simpsons, Warner Bros etc characters in my design?
No. We always refuse to infringe copyrighted and trademarked works. It is illegal and can result in heavy legal fines. Be original or please ask us for ideas.
What resolution image do you require for different personalisation types?
Low Resolution image: Is usually fine for embroidery designs (72 dpi) unless the design is very detailed or elaborate. A business card will do for some logos but detailed logos will need to be of a higher resolution.

High Resolution images may be required for printing with a minimum of 300 dpi around 1000px X 1000px, the higher the resolution or dpi of the image the better the results will be.

Is there a maximum print area on garments?
Yes. The maximum print area on an adult T-shirt is approximately 350mm wide dependent on the size of the garment. On children’s the maximum print area is approximately 200mm wide.
How long does it take to print my garments?
Please allow at least 5 WORKING DAYS for us to print and dispatch your garments. We will notify you in a step by step process by email as to what stage your garments are at.